Electric vans support Southampton's green goals

Southampton City Council has taken delivery of 24 electric Renault Kangoo Z.E.33 Panel Vans, which will be used by a variety of essential services including Neighbourhood Wardens and Waste Operations teams.

The vans will contribute to the council's goal of 90 per cent of its fleet to be zero-emission by 2030. The order fully utilises the variety of the Renault Kangoo Z.E.33 range, including one Crew Van version and a mixture of standard Panel Van and longer Maxi Panel body styles.

The vans also have an optional heat pump; part of the air conditioning system, it produces heat or cools down the vehicle. Acting like reversible air conditioning, it operates in both capacities while preserving the driving range that is available to the council’s personnel. Optional towbars also allow the council to carry small trailers to help with the vital upkeep of the city’s 49 parks, over 1,100 hectares of open space and cemeteries.

Steve Leggett, cabinet member for Green City and Place, said: “Southampton City Council set ambitious, challenging goals to help tackle climate change, this includes being a carbon neutral council by 2030. Our Green City Plan published in March, details our approach and principles for the next 10 years. Addressing road transport emissions by reducing the numbers of vehicles on our roads and encouraging drivers to switch to hybrid and electric vehicles is an essential part of our overall strategy. We are leading the way with our Fleet Modernisation Plan, as part of this we are adding the 24 new electric Renault Kangoo vans to our fleet. As well as helping us reduce emissions, our green energy tariff will mean we are also reducing our carbon footprint. The Renault vans increased battery range offered by this latest generation means our services are not interrupted to accommodate charging needs.”