15 per cent Surrey Council tax rise abandoned

Surrey Council has scrapped its plans to increase its council tax by 15 per cent, and has instead approved a rise of 4.99 per cent.

The original plans would have prompted a referendum which would have cost the council up to £300,000, in addition to angering the majority of residents in the area.

In a meeting at County Hall, council leader David Hodge explained: "We are willing to take a risk that a solution will soon be found for the issues that all councils face. This is about people, not politics, about the people on limited incomes, pensioners on fixed incomes."

"However, if there isn't any progress in finding a solution to the adult social care crisis, our situation will become untenable and intolerable."

After much controversy 53 councillors voted in favour of a 4.99 per cent increase, with 18 voting against, and one abstention.