UK must halt Saudi arms sales, MPs urge

The Committees on Arms Export Controls has called on the UK government to cease the selling of weaponry to Saudia Arabia, after evidence has suggested the trade has likely been used to violate international humanitarian and human rights laws.

According to the BBC, a draft report by the committee said: "The weight of evidence of violations of international humanitarian law by the Saudi-led coalition is now so great, that it is very difficult to continue to support Saudi Arabia."

Although the government has maintained that it had received assurances from Saudi Arabia officials, the report said the assurances were insufficient.

The news comes as the government has faced sustained pressure to suspend the sale of weapons to the country amid claims that international humanitarian law has been breached in fighting between the Yemeni government and Shia Yemeni rebels.

However, the committee warned it was ‘inevitable’ that the arms would be involved in the violation of such laws and advised the government to suspend exports until an international and independent inquiry could establish the facts.