Decisions due on Scotland council tax rises

The first of several meetings are being held across Scotland to decide whether councils should raise their council tax.

The news comes as the nine year long national council tax freeze ends this year, and councils have the power to raise the basic bill by up to three per cent.

Western Isles and Midlothian councils are expected to back rises when they become the first two local authorities to officially take a decision, along with Edinburgh and Borders councils, which are expected to raise bills by three per cent. Aberdeenshire has proposed a 2.5 per cent increase.

Most councils are expected to raise the council tax by a relatively modest amount.

According to a BBC report, Western Isles' is set for a three per cent rise, together with higher charges for people in high band properties across Scotland. However this is only expected to raise about £500,000.

All 32 of Scotland’s councils will make decisions on council tax in the next oncoming weeks.