Lincoln Council approves public toilet charges

Lincoln Council has approved proposals to charge 20p to use its public toilets as part of plans to combat government funding cuts.

The Council claimed that charging to use the facilities stationed at Lucy Tower Street, Castle Square and Tentercroft Street will bring in about £30,000 per year. It is hoped the charges, which are aimed at enabling tourists to contribute, will help the Council meet its savings target of £4 million per annum by 2018/19.

John Latham, from Lincoln Council, said: "Lots of places you go to you have to pay for the toilets, and of course, the expression 'spend a penny' came from that tradition of having to pay for public toilets.

"We think it's reasonable, given the number of visitors, that those visitors help to meet the cost of these facilities by making what will be a very modest contribution."

A report by the council said: "Increasingly charging has become recognised as a way by which visitors to a district, who impact on local infrastructure but pay nothing directly towards its upkeep, can financially contribute to the costs."