Voters concerned over lack of action on climate crisis

Red squirrel on tree © Mark Hamblin/2020 Vision

A poll from The Wildlife Trusts has found that most people think the main parties falter on the nature and climate crises.

In the run-up to the general election, the charity is urging all parties to heed voter concern and pledge bold action on the topics.

The research revealed that a majority of the public think the main parties are doing poorly on river pollution, nature loss, climate change, ensuring communities can benefit from nature, and supporting sustainable food production.

Most people (59 per cent) consider environmental issues to be at least as important as other issues facing the country.

It also suggested that almost 40 per cent of people will vote based on environmental policies offered by candidates.

Craig Bennett, chief executive of The Wildlife Trusts, said: “People know that our natural world is in crisis and that this disaster has consequences for us all. 

"Last year’s State of Nature report revealed catastrophic declines in wildlife with one in six species at risk of extinction from Britain. 
“The UK has endured its first ever 40°C day and we’ve suffered the wettest 18 months since records began. 

"The Climate Change Committee, who advise the UK Government on climate, has cautioned that the UK has lost its position as a global leader on climate, and that policy development and implementation continues to be too slow. We’re appealing to all candidates to champion the greatest challenge of our times and show the leadership that people want to see – they must put restoring nature at the heart of their campaigns.” 

The new poll also asked people to identify environmental priorities for the next government. The top five were insuring nature is properly protected in our seas, halving pollution in rivers from sewage and farming by 2030, upgrading the energy efficiency of homes to tackle fuel poverty, helping farmers reduce emissions, and providing more money to support nature-friendly farming.

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