Quality of care concerns close children's homes

Twelve children's homes in England were closed down by Ofsted last year due to concerns about the quality of care.

According to the children’s social care inspectorate, a further 25 homes de-registered, after receiving warning notices about breaches of regulations - marking the highest number of enforced closures since 2007. The news accompanied a warning about the uneven spread of residential children's homes around the country, with providers saying a more strategic overview was needed.

An Ofsted spokesman said: "We can't comment on the individual providers that had their registration cancelled. More broadly, we take this step when we are concerned that there are serious and/or widespread weaknesses in the quality of care being provided to children, and where we do not see practice improving. This could be due to an inability to meet the needs of children, poor leadership and/or children being left at risk of harm."

The inspectorate would not give details of the homes which closed.