Councils call for joint management to generate savings

Gosport Borough Council and Portsmouth City Council have requested to share senior management in a bid to make financial savings.

The councils have proposed that Portsmouth City Council provide senior managerial support for its neighbouring local authority.

Gosport leader Mark Hook said: “I would expect that over time, through seamless partnership working with Portsmouth, economies of scale and refreshed working practices across the two councils will mean that Gosport will be able to continue to provide good quality services as cuts to funding continues.”

The news comes after Havant Borough Council and East Hampshire District Council arranged to work via a joint management system in 2009 and recently announced they save almost £4 million per year between them.

Councillor Donna Jones, leader of Portsmouth City Council said: “Whilst nothing is formally agreed yet, I am delighted by Gosport's confidence in our management team.

“It is important that both councils are comfortable with any arrangement. Each council will maintain its political independence but the move would help draw us together and open up opportunities for savings for both councils and their taxpayers in the future.”