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Data Centre World returns on 12-13 April 2016, bringing an unrivalled line up of world-class suppliers to the data centre sector, thousands of hours of free content and first class peer networking opportunities.

Data Centre World returns on 12-13 April 2016 with the biggest and best instalment to date. This year event will bring you an unrivalled line up of world-class suppliers to the data centre sector, thousands of hours of free content from over 500 of the industry’s leading practitioners and first class peer networking opportunities

Building on the success of 2015, which saw 11,958 attendees flood the ExCeL Centre for Data Centre World and the co-located Cloud Expo Europe, new events Cloud Security Expo and Smart IoT London are being added to the event stack, which now boasts four industry leading events in one location.

Where else in the world will you hear from over 500 speakers, including industry leaders, analysts and top technologists, sharing their extensive wisdom? We’ve lined up experts from Yahoo!, Ford Motor Company, Deloitte, BofA Merrill Lynch Global Research and Standard Bank of South Africa.

Where else in the world can you experience a wealth of first-hand, practical, real‑life case studies? Case studies delivered by practitioners from Deutsche Bank, Ford Motor Company, Eltek ASA, Royal Bank of Scotland and Virtus Data Centres.

Where else in the world will you come face-to-face with over 500 leading global suppliers of data centre technologies and services? Suppliers including Rittal, Airedale, ABB, Emerson Network Power, Yuasa, Daxten, GEA, Huawei, Siemens, Riello, GE Critical Power and Anixter.

Where else in the world affords such incredible networking and problem-solving opportunities with thousands of your peers?

Where else in the world puts you in front of absolutely everything you need to build, develop or run your data centre from critical power equipment, cooling, security, storage, DCIM and all the bits in-between?

For 2016, there are over 500 top experts speaking in a compelling conference and seminar programme. These include real life case-studies from blue-chip companies, leading organisations, service providers and innovative SMEs. Steve Norris, president of the Data Centre Alliance, will present the welcome address.

Whether you are responsible for a server room or a tier 4 data centre, or anything in between. Wherever you are on the data centre spectrum, Data Centre World is the one unmissable global event.

Data Centres of the Future
As business needs change and capacity requirements increase, how will you adapt your data centre to manage an ever changing, expansive landscape? The DCW keynote theatre contains answers to a multitude of challenges that will allow you to plan and manage your data centre of the future. The largest data centre operators on the planet will be providing key content and case study presentations, you need to be there, your future depends on it.

Critical Equipment and Facilities Management
Discover the most up to date technical information on the most innovative products available in the market, and discover improved efficiency through tackling the biggest challenges your Data Centre faces today and of course in the future. Presented as case studies to effectively demonstrate how these innovations have made significant and positive changes to data centres in the UK and beyond.

Discussions include Brand-Rex’s Erwin Deeben asking ‘Is all available resource enabled in your Data Centre?’. With intelligent infrastructure and asset management, the available resources within the Data Centre can be fully utilised. But what do you do when starting to design your infrastructure as well as the assets that are required when redesigning or building a new Data Centre? Your design impacts the way you run your day-to-day business and the need for flexibility towards changes also impacts the demands of tomorrow.

Later in the day, David Landphair discusses ‘Improved solutions for cabling pathways’. This presentation will focus on how to design and install code & standard compliant pathway systems to lower costs, reduce installation time, and improve long-term integrity of horizontal structured cabling. The primary focus will be cabling pathways as supported by various codes, standards and industry best practices.

Overheating is the commonest cause of failure in switchgear. Continuous overheating protection minimises the need for invasive maintenance and improves the integrity of critical assets. Tim Campbell of Teriyaki Electric will present a unique new system of overheating protection with lower investment and easier installation than existing methods. A case study on a 12MW data centre installation will show how a cost-effective it can be to integrate continuous overheating protection with new or existing switchgear.

Learn how DCIM can help you overcome many of the most complicated data centre challenges: efficiency optimisation, securing uptime and avoiding capacity pressures. In the DCIM theatre, hear how DCIM can lower costs, prevent downtime, make information decisions easier and speed up infrastructure changes – DCIM offers you the clarity and confidence to make the key decisions that are shaping today and tomorrow’s data centres.

Florian Schreine and Thomas Magedanz of FOKUS will be ‘Introducing the Fraunhofer FOKUS 5G Playground ‘ Prototyping emerging SDN/NFV-based 5G Infrastructures and Applications’, which will look at understanding the role of SDN/NFV in 5G Infrastructures, the FOKUS 5G prototyping toolkits, as well as experiences from the FOKUS 5G Playground.

Energy Efficiency and Cost Management
All the latest developments in tools, product solutions and services to help you maximise energy efficiency and reduce cost management. Mark Hakbijl, research manager at OXYCOM, will address ‘Data Centre carbon emission effectiveness’. Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) focuses exclusively on electricity consumption and does not incorporate other energy sources that may be used for the cooling systems.

A new dimensionless metric called Carbon Emission Effectiveness (CEE) is proposed to express the effectiveness in terms of CO2 emission, irrespective of the source of energy, focusing on the environmental impact rather than on the costs of operation and shows the feasibility of evaporative cooling systems for energy-efficient data centre cooling. Mark will examine this further.

Roland Huempfner, of Huawei Energy Competence Center Europe, will delve into ‘Power your data center with high reliability – Huawei modular UPS solution’. The rapid development of cloud technology is imposing ever-stricter power supply requirements ‘ the very lifeblood for servers and switches. Huawei delivers an innovative UPS solution to ensure a reliable power supply that manages hindrances to efficiency, expansion, and availability, as well as the high maintenance costs encountered with traditional UPS systems.

This time last year Hydro 66 were completing their first installation of EcoCooling adiabatic and free cooling in their colocation facility in the Swedish Node Pole. One year on, Data Centre World looks at the results of the collaboration and how the cooling system has been optimised for the region to achieve both a highly efficient and compliant data centre environment.

Data Centre Design and Build & Physical Security
Learn more about the latest techniques in build and designing the modern data centre. Hear from some of the industry experts on real life practical case studies and projects as to why it’s so crucial to design and build an efficient, effective and operational cost controlling data centre. Panel debates identifying and understanding risks to avoid as well as making sure you have a clear refined strategy in place from day one.

A hot topic for 2016 where you can discover how to maintain a secure data centre and tick all the right boxes in making sure it’s secure. Get in front of key opinion leaders who will be discussing real life case studies and the importance of uncovering current and future threats which you can avoid.

Cloud Expo Europe Keynote theatre
This theatre hosts foremost international cloud leaders, including internationally acclaimed and top-rated visionaries, senior industry speakers and executives driving a global shift towards cloud computing. Speakers will deliver their outlook on the future of cloud, plus leading CIOs and senior IT will be sharing their road maps to cloud success.

Virtualisation, Infrastructure and Storage
The take up of Virtualisation still continues to increase at a rapid rate and as more and more businesses are using virtual, cloud infrastructures and storage technologies. Our headline speakers will explore why the right strategies and simplified infrastructure will offer a solid proposition for large and small enterprises alike.

Software Defined Data Centres and Networks
The enterprise and CSPs continue to require more and more bandwidth. The static architecture of conventional networks must evolve. This theatre addresses the latest SDN and SDDC technologies better suited to meet the dynamic computing and storage needs of today’s data centres, campuses, carrier environments, applications, BYOD boom, infrastructure and tomorrow’s IT resources.

Discussing last year’s event, Duncan Waghorne, DC Manager at National Grid, said: “Data Centre World provides the perfect opportunity to see what is trending, meet our vendors and plan our next step. The conference sessions are excellent.”

Raj Bosami, at Spacetel, also commented: “Data Centre World is excellent. The online diary function was very useful and helped to plan your day around the event. The divide between the two shows is very clear and flows well. I was able to see what is happening in the market and it also helps with brand awareness. There are many networking opportunities and I will definitely be back next year!”

Green Data Centre
For the first time ever, Data Centre World will house its very own data centre. This is the first time any data centre event in the world has showcased products and solutions in such an innovative and interactive surround, allowing you to get hands on with the latest data centre tech.

Data Centre World has joined forces with Dunwoody a leading build and design consultancy to produce an effective and efficient running data centre, right in the heart of Data Centre World. Over the two days you will have the exclusive opportunity to walk through what makes a successful data centre. From flooring to generators, racks to perimeter fencing, we will guide you through the puzzle of products which complete the data centre jigsaw.

With 30 Data Centre World exhibitors showcasing your latest products and solutions the DCW Green Data Centre is a must see feature which you cannot afford to miss. This is an overview of all the companies involved and what they will be displaying which can help you with your journey.

Registration is now open for 2016, and those wishing to attend can register on the Data Centre World website. Your badge will provide you with free access to Data Centre World, Cloud Expo Europe, Cloud Security Expo and Smart IoT, so you only need to register once.

There is no need to select which day you are attending, as your badge will allow you free entry to both exhibitions for the entire duration of the event. There is no cost to attend the event.

Tuesday 12 April 2016 - 9.30am-5.30pm
Wednesday 13 April 2016 - 9.30am-5.00pm

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