One in five councils using MetalMatter campaign

Since its launch in 2012, one in five councils are using the MetalMatters recycling campaign to increase the metal packaging captured at kerbside.

Nine councils have launched MetalMatters campaigns in 2017, seven of which having been launched since the beginning of September, meaning that 5.3 million households have now received MetalMatters messages directly through their door.

The campaign, eveloped with programme managers, Alupro, is based around a two-phase leaflet drop that informs and reminds householders about what and how to recycle, and explains what happens to metal packaging when it is recycled.

In total, 592,000 households in the past month have been directly communicated with and encouraged to recycle their drink cans, food tins, foil and empty aerosols.

Rick Hindley, executive director of MetalMatters programme managers, Alupro, said: “We are thrilled that one in five councils in the UK have partnered with the MetalMatters programme so far. We are particularly pleased to be working with Orkney: the programme has been deployed in both urban and rural areas and has proved successful in all settings, but this is the first time we have worked with such a small population.”

The seven councils having launched the programme since September are: Bristol City, South Staffordshire, Calderdale (W. Yorkshire), Castle Point (Essex), Cheshire West and Chester, Orkney and West Dunbartonshire.