Derby library plans condemned by campaigners

Derby City Council’s leaked plans to pass 11 libraries into the control of volunteers have been criticised by campaigners as tantamount to destroying them.

The council revealed that, due to government cuts, it would be looking to remove £648,000 from its library budget and retain only four of its 15 libraries under council control.

With a consultation due to open next month, the libraries face the likelihood of staff job losses, as well as closures if ‘enough volunteers don’t come forward to run a particular library’. The Derby Telegraph has also revealed that the Central Library, the most expensive ti operate in the city, could face closure, with the council preferring to use it for ‘other purposes’ and replace it with Riverside Library.

Councillor Martin Rawson, deputy leader of the council, apologies for the information being leaked before organised staff briefings.

He added: “The options to be presented to cabinet are unfortunately brought about by the necessity to reduce costs as the government continues to cut the council’s budget.”