Oxfordshire council rejects housing plans

Plans to build 5,000 new homes in South Oxfordshire, to help deal with Oxford’s housing crisis, have been rejected by the district council leader.

John Cotton, the leader of South Oxfordshire District Council, said the plans were ‘an ambition too far’, while campaigners have opposed the move insisting the public should have more of a say in the decision.

The Oxfordshire Strategic Housing Market Assessment, published in 2014, said neighbouring councils needed to provide 14,850 houses to help Oxford cope with its increasing demand.

The proposals involved Oxford building 550 houses, while Cherwell would contribute 4,400, Vale of White Horse 2,200, West Oxfordshire 2,750, and South Oxfordshire building 4,950.

However at an Oxfordshire Growth Board meeting, all local authorities voted to approve the plans except South Oxfordshire, which said the number was too high.

Negotiations are set to continue, to reach a figure which is agreeable for the local authority.