Edinburgh Council buildings surveyed following school closures

Edinburgh City Council has ordered a survey of its council buildings, after 17 of the region’s schools were closed as a result of safety concerns.

The safety concerns meant 7,600 pupils had to be relocated to temporary buildings while the schools were checked and restructured.

The schools in question were all built or refurbished during a £360 million deal between the Council and a private finance consortium under the Public Private Partnership 1 (PPP1) scheme.

Issues with the buildings involved problems with wall and header ties, used to hold the exterior and interior walls together and attach them to the rest of the building.

A City of Edinburgh Council spokesman said: "Following the inspections and remedial works carried out on PPP1 buildings, a review of the council estate is taking place.

"There no evidence to suggest that any of our buildings are at risk. However, we wish to be certain that similar issues do not exist so it is prudent to carry out wider inspections.

"A proportionate and structured approach will be adopted to inspecting the wider estate, specifically looking at the issues identified on the PPP1 buildings regarding wall ties and head restraints.

"A technical working group consisting of senior officers and structural engineers with direct experience of the inspections and remedial works on the PPP1 estate has been set up. Preparation work has already commenced.

"At this time it is not possible to estimate the cost but an initial £500,000 budget has been identified from last year's budget under spend."