Liverpool suspends all green waste collections

Liverpool City Council will suspend its green waste collection service as of Monday 23 March due to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak.

The authority said that it will be prioritising resources to support household waste, recycling and clinical waste collections for the foreseeable future. Green waste collection service only began again a few weeks ago after being suspended over the winter months.

Liverpool Streetscene Services Ltd usually devotes 12 wagons and up to 28 members of staff to the fortnightly green waste programme. However, Liverpool City Council is anticipating the potential need for refuse workers to self-isolate due to coronavirus and will be re-deploying green waste collection staff to support purple and blue bin and clinical waste collections.

Sharon Connor, cabinet member for Regeneration and Highways, said: “The council has decided to suspend the green waste collection service so we can give priority to our other collection services. It is extremely important that we make sure that our household and clinical waste collection services continue to prevent further potential further risks to public health due to the accumulation of such things as food waste. We would urge people who have green waste to home compost in the first instance. If, for any reason you cannot do this then you could take it to a household waste recycling centre. The green waste collection service will resume as soon as possible but in the meantime, we would ask residents to bear with us and dispose of their green waste responsibly.”