Liverpool launches empty homes matching scheme

Liverpool City Council is launching a new matchmaking service to link buyers and sellers of vacant properties and bring more empty homes back into use.

Although the number of long term empty properties has dropped from 6,382 to 4,800, the system has been created to provide a simple step by step service.

As part of Empty Homes Week, Mayor of Liverpool Joe Anderson has set a new target of bringing a further 3,000 new homes back into use over the next three years. This is in addition to the work being made with the Liverpool Housing Partnership, which aims to bring up to 1,000 vacant homes back into use as part of a £205 million investment over a five-year period.

Anderson said: “Empty properties are wasted homes and can cause a range of problems that impacts on the environment and value of neighbouring properties. We’ve made huge strides in bringing down the number of long term vacant properties in recent years and this matchmaking service is part of a new approach to stimulate the market and create even more new affordable homes for families.”