Aberdeenshire Council considers merging main offices

A councillor working group has been set up to consider the consolidation of two of Aberdeenshire Council’s largest office buildings.

The news comes after the councillors were told that maintaining the existing offices in Aberdeen and Inverurie would require a major investment and would leave the council with office buildings much larger than it needs

The cross-party working group, set up in November, is exploring the business case for relocating Woodhill House in Aberdeen and Gordon House in Inverurie to a new site.

It is hoped that move would see a smaller, more flexible and cheaper office built at Harlaw Park, at the same time as enabling more employees across services to work more flexibly in modern fit-for-purpose buildings.

Other recommendations put forward by the councillor working group include plans include placing a greater emphasis on staff to work in localities closer to the communities they serve; adopting more flexible working practices, reducing travel time and increasing time spent on delivering services.

Councillors are due to discuss a report on the office space strategy at its next meeting on 26th January.