Housing Advisers Programme launched by LGA

The Local Government Association (LGA) has unveiled a new scheme to assist councils in tackling local housing challenges.

The Housing Advisers Programme is being made available to councils undertaking specific housing projects that helps councils generate savings or revenues, and reduces homelessness.

The programme will fund adviser support of up to £14,000 to each council and will allow the authority to ‘own’ the project individually. The LGA hopes that the programme will ‘encourage innovation amongst councils who need to meet the needs of their communities, against a backdrop of spiralling house prices, expensive and unstable rents, and more and more local residents priced out of owning a home of their own’.

Martin Tett, LGA Housing spokesman, said: “There’s no substitute for central government giving local authorities the tools they need to invest in the homes, of all type and tenure, which their communities desperately need.

“However, councils need the best tools available to them to help build on the innovation in the sector. The Housing Advisers Programme will be an essential aid to councils wanting some expertise to innovate, and improve in their efforts to help build homes, plan prosperous places and economies, and reduce homelessness. I’d urge fellow councillors from across the country to look at the programme and see how it can benefit their area – all it takes is a quick visit to our website to find out more.”

The LGA is also urging the government to enable councils to build more good quality homes directly.