Climate change to increase chance of flooding

As it launches its Flood Action Campaign, the Environment Agency has warned that intense bouts of flooding are set to become more frequent.

Research shows that 18 to 34 year olds are least likely to perceive flood risk to their area and are at highest risk of fatality as they are less likely to perceive their personal risk. The Flood Action Campaign targets younger people through social media and online advertising to encourage them to check their flood risk and be prepared to take action when flooding hits.

Sir James Bevan, chief executive of the Environment Agency, said: “Climate change is likely to mean more frequent and intense flooding. Floods destroy – lives, livelihoods, and property. Our flood defences reduce the risk of flooding, and our flood warnings help keep communities safe when it threatens. But we can never entirely eliminate the risk of flooding. Checking your flood risk is the first step to protecting yourself, your loved ones and your home.”