Glasgow City Council considers West End university development

Glasgow Council is set to reach a vital planning decision on implementing a major billion pound development at Glasgow University.

The development will involve demolishing the former Western Infirmary, between Byres Road and Dumbarton Road and extending the university campus.

The new space will include a research and student learning and recreation space, as well as 11 small shops, a small hotel and a central square.

The proposal for the new site has faced opposition from local critics who are concerned over the impact of removing trees.

The document, which was scrutinised by councillors earlier in the month, said: "The aim is to create a vibrant, urban, learning and research campus which is woven into the fabric of the West End and will enable the university to be more outward looking and foster stronger links to its surroundings.

"It is intended to be a high quality and welcoming environment with facilities, buildings and spaces that engender a busy, sociable environment at all times of day and evening throughout the year. A range of uses would be provided through the site to attract non-university users with pleasant, safe, cross campus routes for pedestrians and cyclists.

"The university's campus expansion is a major development which offers significant economic benefits and employment opportunities to the city."