Hull City Council considers fresh cuts

Councillors from Hull City Council have criticised the move to consider a new round of savings measures, claiming it would lead to ‘further cuts to services people rely on’.

The Labour run local authority said it was making ‘difficult decisions on the back of a very tough funding position’.

The fresh round of cuts are due to be considered by the council’s cabinet on 22 August, with savings expected to be made on children's centres, provisions to homelessness organisations, bus routes and recycling centres.

Adam Williams, Lib Dem councillor for the council, said: "These services are the things that the most vulnerable people in Hull rely on on a daily basis. It's just the wrong thing to be doing."

Labour councillor Daren Hale, deputy leader of the council, said: "We are continuing to have to make difficult decisions on the back of a very tough funding position.

"We will continue to plan and budget as best we can to maintain vital services, but with the relentless cuts in government funding we cannot avoid the prospect of some reductions in service."