Energy switching scheme saving money in Cambridgeshire

Residents across Cambridgeshire have successfully saved £563,746 over the last five years by signing up to the collective ‘Cambridgeshire Energy Switch’.

The energy switching scheme, run by iChoosr, offers households the opportunity to sign up to an auction scheme to receive cheaper energy bills, harnessing the power of collective bargaining to get better deals on energy tariffs.

Over 500 households signed up through Cambridgeshire County Council for the last auction, which took place in February 2019. On average, 70 per cent of residents that signed up and chose to accept the offer were able to save around £120 per year on their gas and electricity bills, all without changing their energy usage.

Josh Schumann, chair of the Commercial and Investment Committee, said: “It’s fantastic news that we’ve been able to save Cambridgeshire residents so much money on their bills by securing reduced energy prices. It’s certainly a cause for celebration that this figure for the last five years is over half a million pounds.

“By partnering with a leading expert we’re showing our continued commitment to working with partners and other organisations to improve the quality of life for everyone in the county. We encourage any energy user that hasn’t already done so to sign up and see what kind of personalised offer they can receive. With average annual savings of over £100 per household this is a fantastic initiative to be part of.”