Johnson backtracks on social care solution pledge

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has admitted he does not have a worked-up plan to end the social care crisis and that a solution could be five years away.

Speaking about the issue during his extensive interview with the BBC’s Dan Walker, Johnson says that he would be ‘bringing forward a proposal’ later this year, despite using his election campaigning platform to discuss a ready-to-go rescue package.

Upon becoming Prime Minister last July, Johnson spoke on the steps of Downing Street to insist he had a ‘clear plan we have prepared to give every older person the dignity and security they deserve’. Having part-avoided the issue in his party’s election manifesto, Johnson told the BBC that the NHS crisis could not be solved without ‘a revolution in the way we approach social care’, and that his party would ‘get it done within this Parliament’ - allowing the possibility that a solution could be five years away.