Councils urge for sustainable public health funding

Cumbria County Council is the latest local authority seeking a more sustainable future for the funding of public health in the UK.

Joining dozens of other councils, the council has signed a letter outlining the case, with council leaders across the country calling on the government to work together with councils to prevent ill health, reduce health inequalities and support a sustainable health and social care system.

Deborah Earl, cabinet member for Public Health and Communities, said:  “In 2019/20 every local authority will have less to spend on public health than the year before. Councils are now responsible for delivering most public health services, but our ability to do so is increasingly compromised by ongoing public health grant reductions and the broader funding climate for local government.  Reducing investment in public health is short sighted as it puts undue demand on local health services and our economy suffers too. That is why we are asking government to work with us to secure better and fairer funding arrangements for us all.”