Conwy Council considers scaling back plans for increasing second home tax

Conwy Council is considering a move to revise its plan to double council tax for send home owners in the region.

Originally, the local authority had approved a plan to charge up to 100 per cent extra for second homes and long-term empty properties in March. However, councillors are now considering reducing the premium to 25 per cent for second homes under revised plans.

Currently, there are 1,477 properties classed as second homes in the region and 1,168 homes which are empty on a long-term basis.

The news comes after a survey of 1,037 residents indicated that 93 per cent felt it was ‘unreasonable’ to introduce a premium.

If the revision goes ahead, the extra charge would not be implemented until April 2018, a year later than initially planned.

The council will make a final decision on the premium on December 8.