MSPs vote to increase E-H council tax bands

MSPs have voted to increase the top four bands of council tax, E-H, which will come into effect from April 2017.

SNP members were forced to vote for a motion noting that they had failed to make radical enough changes, after opposition parties amended the order.

The news comes as the council tax freeze is set to end in 2017, meaning all properties could potentially see their bill rise. However the order passed by the Scottish Parliament means the top four bands will rise in proportion to the others.

The Scottish Parliament had to pass a piece of secondary legislation in order to raise the bands, and this went before MSPs as a parliamentary bureau motion after Scottish Finance Secretary Derek Mackay persuaded the local government committee to support the move.

The average increase in council tax as a result of band adjustments will be: £105 for houses in band E’ £207 for houses in Band F; £335 for houses in Band G; and £517 in Band H.

The final motion was passed by 92 votes to 35.

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