Essex appointed Worcestershire's Improvement Partner

Essex County Council has been formally appointed as Worcestershire's Improvement Partner, to help the council make sure that long term improvements are being made in the county’s children’s services.

The agreement will see experts from Essex in children's social care services to work alongside the county's Children's Services team to improve the lives of children and young people in Worcestershire.

Services at Essex County Council are recognised nationally as a 'best in class' due to their track record of improving their own services and working with other local authorities to deliver sustained improvements for children.

Worcestershire County Council’s upcoming cabinet meeting will entertain discussions on a recommendation to voluntarily place Children's Services into a different form.

Andy Roberts, cabinet member for Children and Families, said: "Our priority is to make sure that long term improvements are made to children and young people's lives in Worcestershire. We remain absolutely committed to that and we have already allocated an extra £5.1 million into improving Children's Social Care in Worcestershire this year. I am pleased that Essex County Council has now been formally appointed as our Improvement Partner. Essex will support us to deliver the improvements that we need to deliver."

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