Two new council-backed energy tariffs in Bath

Two new energy tariffs by Our Power, offering a choice of green and affordable energy deals, have been supported by Bath and North East Somerset Council.

The council, alongside Bath & West Community Energy, are encouraging residents to find out more about the tariffs with Mark Shelford, cabinet member for Transport and Environment, one of the first at the council to switch to the green energy tariff when it launched.

The Our Local Green Energy tariff provides 100 per cent renewable electricity as part of a dual fuel offer with gas, offering locally-generated renewable energy to residents. The scheme also includes the Our Fairer Energy tariff, which is one of the cheapest tariffs available on the market for dual fuel pre-payment meter customers. Around 11,000 households in B&NES (14 per cent) pay for energy by pre-payment meter.

Shelford said: “I wanted to be the first person at the council to sign up for the green tariff because it supports the council’s objectives of tackling fuel poverty and supporting renewable energy in the district. When I put the kettle on or switch on a light it will be with energy that is locally-generated and from a not-for-profit supplier. It is in line with the council’s Core Strategy district target to deliver 275MW local renewable energy generation in the district by 2026.”

Our Power was one of the first not-for-profit energy suppliers in the UK, and was founded by housing associations, community organisations and local authorities with the aim of making energy fairer and greener.

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