Government Property Agency to generate £1 billion

The Cabinet Office launched the Government Property Agency (GPA) on 1 April with the aim to generate more than £1 billion in financial savings.

Intended to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the Government Estate, the GPA could generate benefits of up to £2.4 billion over the next ten years as it undertakes increasing responsibility for managing the general purpose central government estate, extending its portfolio of 80 properties to over 1,000.

Leading the Government Hubs programme, the Cabinet Office states that the GPA will partner with government departments to find innovative property solutions, and provide expertise to enable them to deliver wider business change more efficiently. Alongside HMRC, the GPA has announced 12 Hubs to date across the UK, amounting to almost 261,000 sq/m, with the design of hubs leading to more efficient use of the estate.

Oliver Dowden, minister for Implementation said: “The creation of the Government Property Agency will transform the way property is managed in the general purpose central government estate, generating savings of over £1 billion over the next ten years. The Hubs programme is a catalyst for growth in city centres across the UK, helping to boost jobs and economic growth, as well as demonstrating the government’s commitment to strengthening the Union and enhancing regional career paths.”

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