Wimao has patented technology for recycling mixed plastic waste streams.

Wimao has unique patented technology to recycle those mixed and hard-to-recycle waste streams, that are problematic nowadays. E.g. mixed plastic waste streams, textiles and different fiber materials that usually goes to incineration.

Wimao`s technology enables the entire process from the raw material to the final product. The technology enables versatile design possibilities for end products. Technology allows mixed materials and content variations and impurities in the material used. This simplifies sorting and pretreatment and enables the utilisation of mixed materials that are difficult to recycle. Our technology provides the possibility to recycle raw material fractions that are difficult or even impossible to utilise using other technologies.

The products manufactured using our technology are environmentally friendly and reduce both the amount of waste and carbon dioxide emissions. The products can be used to replace existing products or components made of plastic, wood, metal, glass fiber, stone, or concrete.

Our operations include project deliveries and licensing of the production technology. There are various collaboration models available for the technology deliveries. Our technology delivery includes equipment for the entire process from raw material treatment to the production of final products. In the best cases, the payback time for a factory can be less than two years.