LIVE-LINK YOUR ASSETS AND FACILITIES. The world is in a whirl and it revolves around all your objects and equipment at the speed of light. If you are responsible for maintenance, facility or IT you will always want your assets to keep you informed, Ultimo will be sure to pass on the crucial signals about your assets.
Centralised on one software platform. A platform that manages all your assets and their processes with ease. Ultimo have been focussed on processes ever since we started in the eighties. Processes that help companies and organisations operate to the best of their abilities. This is why we feel confident to call ourselves process specialists.
We are convinced that process management is aimed at people. Ultimo will help you to take actual decisions, managing your service processes in the best way possible, based on information submitted by you. This will guarantee the safety of your assets and bring them up to standard, keep your assets in top condition, or to compare them to your other assets.

Our software is just a means, a tool, but one with a heightened attention for user-friendliness. Based on our modular scalable design, easy to link to other systems. We heed all process know-how we gained over the past decades and put it back into our software. Every day.