Token Cleaning Services

Graffiti Removal Services

At Token Cleaning Services, we are committed to offering professional graffiti removal services to domestic, commercial, and industrial clients.

We understand that graffiti can be a piece of art in some dedicated locations, but it can decrease property value if not treated and removed promptly.

Token Cleaning Services will assess the situation and craft a tailored solution for your needs. Firstly, we proceed with graffiti removal techniques to eliminate any mark created with spray paints to marker pens and acrylic paints.

Once we have removed the graffiti, a white halo or ghost mark might still be visible. So, the team at Token Cleaning Services is fully equipped to remove these marks through steam cleaning just after the first operation's stage. Our final power jet washing solutions are also perfect for stone cleaning to restore it to the original style of your walls.

Since we strive to remove all marks from your property, our services also include brick and stone cleaning, steam cleaning, chewing gum removal and drain cleaning operations. We are available for contract cleaning services as well as for 24/7 emergency call-outs.

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