Revolutionising mattress recycling as we know it

They said it couldn’t be done – many companies have tried to develop an automated solution for recycling mattresses and bulky waste, but up to now none have yet succeeded.

Textek has invested 18 months into the research and development of the first Bespoke Mattress Shredding Line, that will divert a staggering one million mattresses a year from landfill.

Its design enables the successful separation of the flock from the steel, ensuring 100 per cent of the mattress can be recycled. This line provides a stable future for mattress recycling and reduces the hard, often dangerous, manual work that is required when stripping a mattress by hand.

On average a skilled person can strip a mattress in around seven minutes. The Textek Shredding Line is able to dismantle a mattress in under 30 seconds.

Textek plans to install more plants around the country to help with the on-going challenges of mattress recycling.

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