Tenet Procurement Services


Tenet Procurement Services offer a new alternative for public-sector organisations who are looking for a procurement service that can offer a nationwide one-stop-shop for all your procurement needs.  If you think that sounds a bit too much like a sales pitch, then let us explain what we actually mean.

We’ve been delivering procurement services for 25 years and the reason you may not of heard of our business is simply because we’ve been extremely busy solely working with education sector customers for the whole of that time.  During this period, we’ve grown from a small privately-owned start-up to becoming highly reputable and one of the largest providers of procurement services to the education sector.  Add into the mix that we are now owned by a multi-million-pound education sector registered charity Crescent Purchasing Limited (number 1130461) and I’m sure you will agree we’ve been on a journey, but what a ride it’s been and where we stand today is really exciting!

Crescent Purchasing Limited owns a group of companies who all hold a core interest in procurement.  We have a procurement consortium, a procurement training division and a procurement consultancy which is Tenet.  25 years’ experience of delivering EU compliant procurement services to the education sector provides you with an amazing array of experience, an amazing team of 25 employees based nationwide who specialise in public procurement and a loyal customer base.  It is our customers who have moved onto new roles outside of education that have approached us and encouraged us to bring our enthusiasm and services to the wider public sector.  Having decided to give it a go, we were not content with just trying our luck, that’s not our style.  We want to make an impact!

Our Services

We’ve drawn together a menu of procurement services, but we’ve enhanced our offering by adding a range of exciting EU compliant frameworks that are now available to you.  As we work through our contract pipeline, we hope to add many more frameworks over the next couple of years.

Procurement Services

Below are the range of services we can provide to support your organisation.  Should you wish to discuss any of the services listed, or even anything else you may have in mind, please do call us for a no-obligation chat.

  • Outsourced procurement service
  • On demand procurement support service
  • Spend and efficiency reviews
  • Contract management services
  • Mentoring services
  • Tender publication service
  • Interim placements
  • Collaboration projects

EU Compliant Frameworks
Our National Public-Sector frameworks currently include:

  • Entrance and Access Control Systems and Associated Equipment and Services
  • Outsourced Catering Services
  • Leasing Services
  • Total Facilities Management Service
  • Supply and Distribution of Drinking Water Dispensers and Related Services (due March 2019)
  • Building Cleaning Services (due March 2019)

How do our frameworks differ from other public sector buying organisations?  

  • We keep it simple - We try our very best to keep things simple.  Life is too hectic as it is without complicating the call-off procedure for a framework.  The essence of a framework is to reduce the time it takes to complete an award.  Crescent Purchasing Limited has got over 60 frameworks that are all live and available to our education clients, so we know what we’re taking about.  
  • Regional lots - Our frameworks are predominantly split into regional lots so you can be assured that those suppliers being invited can service your region and have demonstrated their capability to do so.  
  • The suppliers - We try not to have too many suppliers on the frameworks so that you’re not inundated with responses that you then have to find time to score, likewise we’re careful to ensure we have a sufficient number to ensure you can generate some competition between the suppliers.  
  • We care about your outcome - Finally, we genuinely care about your experience of using the frameworks.  We invest heavily in a contracting team and helpdesk to ensure every framework is produced to the very best of our abilities.  Rest assured, if you choose to use one of our frameworks you are not just a number, you’re a customer and in our business customers count.  

Can you direct award?

We always encourage our customer to run a competition between the framework suppliers.  However, if you can convince yourself that by running a competition you will only attract the one supplier who can service your needs then you have the right to direct award.  

If in doubt, Tenet would always advise you to seek your own legal advice.

Why Tenet?

We could take this opportunity to describe how wonderful we are and why we’re perfect, but as Procurement Professionals ourselves we know saying this alone may not be enough to convince you especially if you’ve heard it all before, we certainly have.  

What we’d like to hear is everything that you’re struggling to manage, everything that frustrates you about other public sector buying organisations and what the ‘nirvana’ procurement service provider would offer. Give us a call and let’s have an honest and open discussion about your procurement needs.  We don’t waste people’s time so if we can’t do what you require we’ll simply tell you!  You never know, that 10 minutes on the phone might end up being the most productive 10 minutes you invest during 2019.

We’re confident we can bring value to the table. The question is ‘do you have 10 minutes to spare?’

Call us for a chat or send us an email.

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