Multi-pollutant removal in the EfW sector.

Lhoist is a significant player in the UK Energy from Waste (EfW) sector and the world’s largest supplier of hydrated lime used to remove pollutants from the flues of EfW plants.

John Whitehurst, Business Manager Environmental Applications at Lhoist UK, is a keynote speaker at the Future Resource Exhibition at the NEC on 11-12 September 2019, a show that will cover renewable energy, zero emissions, water technology and EfW all under one roof.

John, who looks ahead at trends in energy from waste, predicts a larger but more technologically sophisticated sector as our use of single-use plastics reduces and emissions targets become tighter.
Lime-based products are famously efficient reagents for capturing contaminants. However, finite landfill capacity in the UK and the changing face of waste-derived emissions demands a complete review of our approach to multi-pollutant removal in the EfW sector.

The latest EfW plants are heavily policed by the Environment Agency and hydrated lime-based products will continue to be needed to scrub gaseous emissions containing HCl, SO2 and hydrogen fluoride.

Work is well underway on the next generation of flue gas treatment products efficient in cleaning flue gases that have more challenging acidic pollutant mixes, and John will be exploring this fully at Future Resource.