Since Shellshock’s inception over 25 years ago we have been providing shows for a wide range of events, from close proximity, to large scale displays . This has led us to perfect and refine our craft to incorporate a wealth of knowledge and artisanal design into our shows.

We have been pioneering and delivering high impact, low noise, low debris shows which are sensitive to livestock, pets and local residents. We have used our years of firing displays at sporting events and concerts to put us at the forefront of this new style of show. This has allowed us to put on events in venues that would normally not allow fireworks, from historic venues to confined city spaces. 

We like to work closely with event organisers, bringing our knowledge to the table to successfully fire show after show which gives us an impeccable safety record. We are fully compliant with all relevant UK legislation and regulatory bodies.

We help many organisations, from the National Trust, local councils and even royal palaces to organise and prepare stunning events. We offer safety advice, design consultation, through to planning and engineering an amazing event, be it low noise displays or large scale firework shows.