Quayle Industries Ltd

Quayle Industries Ltd provides drone services to many different sectors throughout the UK, we are fully approved by the Civilian Aviation Authority and insured to operate wherever we are needed. We specialise in the more complex locations such as city centres as our unique permission allows us to carry out flights in areas that standard drone pilots cannot.

Using drones to carry out inspections at height are a more cost effective way to complete roof surveys and other infrastructure inspection, and are much safer as no one leaves the ground. Compared to using the traditional methods of access, such as scaffolding or cherry pickers, drone technology offers a more dynamic platform to capture the information at a higher level of detail and quality.

We also use the more accurate real-time kinematic (RTK) technology, which means we can produce site plans that are precise to sub centimetre levels, giving you a 2D or 3D plan that can be used within design programs, for measurements in the office or on-site and for calculating volumes of material piles.

For all your drone requirements speak to the best, get in touch with Quayle Industries Ltd.

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