Prym Has Been Offering The Best In Tradition And Innovation For More Than 480 Years
As part of the William Prym Group, Prym Fashion offers robust and trendy accessories for workwear and protective clothing.
You are in safe hands with the design and durability of our innovative closing systems and our wide range of snap fasteners.
While conventional snap fasteners frequently fail to meet the need for robustness and durability in industrial laundering Prym Fashion has the right, robust and sustainable snap and closing solution for nearly all cases.
Our Silent Snap fastening systems in functional clothing can be vital for the military and the police. Even when hunting or angling the Silent Snap clothing frees you from disturbing noises.
Also, Prym has developed the detectable and completely temperature-resistant Vario Grip specifically for work wear in the food and pharmaceutical industry as well as in the healthcare sector. 
With our new designed gun metal fastener caps and fastener systems in blackened stainless steel you give an outstanding cool vintage look to your work wear collection. Ökotex certified and industrial laundry resistant.
Moreover our engineers improved the classic attaching machine. With our innovative solutions we assist you in the entire value creation process from advice through choice of product and optimisation of production to sustainable services.
Prym Fashion – we have the solution for you!

Event Diary

It is no mystery that there is a huge task at hand to solve the growing problems of waste, inefficient resources, and the disposal of hazardous materials as our communities develop.

You are invited to this unique annual exhibition that brings together all the disciplines from the emergency services sector who are involved in prevention, response and recovery. 

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