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Effective, Easy To Use Traffic Calming Solutions from Messagemaker Displays Ltd

Messagemaker Displays has been providing traffic calming solutions in the form of Vehicle Activated Speed Signs and bespoke LED signs for more than 20 years across the UK.

The LED Speed Signs are popular amongst both the public and private sector and have proven to be effective in slowing down speeding motorists. The LED signs are far more effective than the standard static speed signs we are all used to and Messagemaker Displays’ customers are seeing positive results almost immediately from installation.

Recently, a Parish Council in Tetbury have found the signs to be “proving very successful in calming traffic through the village. The flashing signal clearly reminds drivers of the prevailing speed limit, and the data gathering function is useful in determining which sites within the village benefit most from its deployment. We will be liaising with the local constabulary over the summer months, and provide data from the signs to help them target the most effective periods to deploy mobile enforcement cameras.”

Within just one month of installing the signs in the first location, the average speed recorded had dropped by 25% and the average highest speed by 26%.

Daniella de Nobrega, Group Marketing Manager

Messagemaker Displays Ltd of The Stocksigns Group

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