Locstatt uses web and mobile technology to harvest on-site Health, Safety, Security and Environmental (HSSE) data. This has now enabled organizations to process, track and trend the necessary leading indicators you need to make the right decisions for optimized authority, plant or industrial process safety.

With Locstatt, governmental authorities, companies and contractors have the ability to setup their HSSE systems exactly the way they currently organize their business. Companies build the backbone of their line of work, transactions, and processes and from there, just to list a few examples, they can:

  • Use a full suite of mobile safety applications in Windows, IOS and Android
  • Conduct audits & inspections
  • Record incidents, lessons learned and behavioural observations
  • Record safety, hazard hunts or Job safety analysis meetings
  • Track required training
  • See all of your worksite locations with interactive reporting dashboards detailing actual usage of your safety management system, with one simple click

Locstatt has over 30 years of hands-on HSSE experience and, assisted by technology, we are now able to offer our clients an overwhelming Return on Investment.

So, ask yourself the question:

Are your safety management systems in place? How do you know?

We can help.

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