Hamworthy Heating

Hamworthy Heating is a leading British commercial boiler manufacturer. Our energy efficient commercial heating, hot water and renewable solutions are used in buildings across the UK.

Look in your plant room and you are likely to see a Hamworthy modular boiler. From the introduction of the UR boiler back in the 70s, we have continued to invest in R&D to provide highly efficient and long-lasting products.

Lifetime support
From design and specification, through to commissioning, training and maintenance, as well as commitment to spares availability. We support businesses through their lifetime of commercial heating and hot water needs.

People first
It’s not just our products that set us apart, it’s our people. Truly excellent customer service, great technical knowledge and being easy to deal with. That’s the Hamworthy difference.

CapEx vs OpEx
We know that in a heating system, energy costs - in particular gas - account for the highest proportion of lifetime costs - typically 90-95%.

That’s why it’s time to look at the short-term cost of an upgrade vs the long-term value of modern, efficient equipment. Find out how much energy you could save by upgrading boilers and water heaters.

Talk to Hamworthy, a leading British commercial boiler manufacturer. Trusted since 1914.