Generis Technology

Based in Manchester Generis Technology is a wholly owned subsidiary of world leading meter manufacturer Landis + Gyr. Whilst best known for its industry flow processing product B-Smart, the company has for a number of years been active in the pay-as-you-go sector in various geographical areas. With the advent of the next generation smart devices, energy consumption and the associated costs have become far more visible and Generis believes that the processing of payments for energy should leverage that innovation.

Smart meters offer an exciting opportunity to make it easier for consumers to switch suppliers and tariffs to get better deals, while at the same time offering them access to innovative ‘lifestyle choice’ payment options.

Making available more options for payments and increasing customers’ visibility of their consumption will be advantageous to the most vulnerable in society, helping them to manage their energy better and reduce the chance of falling into debt.

Furthermore, areas not traditionally associated with pay-as-you-go metering and sectors falling outside of the new central DCC smart metering framework could also benefit from innovation in payment plans. Generis firmly believes a new approach in this area can help customers reduce the possibility of building up arrears whilst improving their energy efficiency; reducing their bills and helping the environment.

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