Gala Lights

We are Christmas lighting specialists working with councils throughout the UK. We take pride in delivering quality product, bespoke design and value for money, with friendly service. Current customers include Canterbury, Hull, Dumfries and York.

Founded as a family-run business in 1994, we have just celebrated 25 years in the industry. In 2009 we joined Leblanc Illuminations, and together we provide festive illuminations to over 7,500 towns and cities around the world.

Gala Lights specialises in:
-    Across street decorations
-    Building façade illuminations
-    Gobo projections
-    Bespoke 3D centrepieces
-    Lights for Christmas trees

Are you going to be responsible for your council’s Christmas lights this year? Gala Lights can help you though the process step-by-step. Allow plenty of time to get it right and start planning early, Christmas is the same deadline for everyone!

Our customers benefit from a dedicated Gala Lights Project Manager, unrivalled industry knowledge and experience, hands-on management team, and friendly people, with the reassurance of European manufacturing and big-company backing.

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