Eagle Drones Ltd

Drones are finally being recognised as the incredibly useful tools they are amongst even the most technology resistant industries. Construction, Insurance, Agricultural, and emergency services have all now embraced these new and exciting flying machines.

Drones are not just flying cameras! They can just take beautiful aerial photos or videos, but they can also gather a ton of information in just one flight. Data that can be used to create 3D digital plans that are capable of giving all kinds of measurements at the click of a computer mouse. They also have huge health and safety benefits. Every year the biggest cause of serious industrial accidents is falling from height. Drones eliminate these risks when used in building and roof inspection.

In local government, Facilities Managers, Estate Management, Surveyors, Town Planners and even Marketing Departments, all have obvious areas where Drones could be deployed and utilised to save huge amounts time and money. It is not always obvious, however, where a department could benefit from this technology. Eagle Drones Limited are experts in the application and regulation of today Drone technology. Please give me a call anytime to discuss Drones and how they may be able to help you.

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