Drone Services Global

DSG provide unmanned data acquisition services targeted directly for government department requirements. UK CAA special operating case permissions allow access externally, internally, and environmental locations DSG provide one off or contracted periodic return to monitor as required.

We survey Flood events, building failures, Cycle lane monitoring, illegal Dumping, Construction overspills, Security checks, Agricultural Data, Disaster and Aid for population assistance, imagery and remote data gathering. DSG uses mulit-copter or fixed wing drones which carry varying payloads to cover large or small areas, Thermal Camera, Gas sniffers, Special case sensors for specific data, Methane, Co2 and spillages. Infrastructure: Towers, Wind Turbine maintenance and Wind Farm construction progress. Project monitoring to provide data for management of long term complex problems as HS2 or Crossrail, information which is difficult to gather, drones are most suited for.

Operating in the new U-Class below 400ft airspace which is to become the future operating zone of UTM (unmanned Traffic Management). In this environment BYLOS (beyond the line of sight) for delivery drones and data gathering will be available for data.

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