Curotec manufactures and installs workplace vibration management solutions that enable employers to accurately monitor their workers’ exposure to Hand-Arm Vibration and Whole Body Vibration. Curotec’s ground-breaking Q2 system is the only HSE-compliant personal vibration monitor that measures actual vibration emissions on the tool. So unlike traditional risk assessments that rely on estimated vibration magnitude, Q2 provides employers with precise exposure data, measured in accordance with ISO 5349-1:2001.

In addition to the enhanced accuracy, Q2’s cloud-based reporting provides total transparency of individual workers’ risk, which informs efforts to reduce exposure to “as low as reasonably practicable”. Q2 also provides proactive protection by notifying operators in real-time before they reach pre-defined exposure limits. Q2 is very simple to use - operators simply clip the device into a tool holster and carry on working as normal, and a traffic-light warning system notifies users when they are approaching exposure limits.

Curotec supplies a growing number of local authorities and blue-chip companies in the construction, infrastructure, manufacturing and engineering sectors, helping employers to protect their people from the dangers of workplace vibration, and giving them the data to demonstrate strict legal compliance.

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