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Christmas Tree World has enjoyed a staggering 80% uplift in sales of large and giant outdoor artificial Christmas trees to local Authorities.

Buyers are saying that there are just no large real Christmas Trees available this year and the few that are, are very expensive.

A recent change in legislation has meant that imported real Christmas Trees over 3m now need a plant passport, which means they have to be inspected for insects which can hitch a ride on them from continental Europe and potentially destroy our indigenous woodland.

As you can imagine a plant passport is very expensive on a single tree making the cost to the user prohibitive.

“We get a lot of last minute enquiries for our Giant Artificial Outdoor Christmas Trees, at the last minute…….” Says Stephen Evans Managing Director of Christmas Tree World. “And we’ve usually sold out by then.”

A lot of these enquiries come from organisations that feel let down by the real Christmas Tree that has been delivered to them.

Christmas Tree World has not only designed an artificial tree that looks real, but one that also does not require unsightly guy lines to support it.

Whilst an artificial tree may seem to be somewhat of a luxury, what a lot of our clients have realised, is that they do not need delivery on a flat bed lorry, with a crane, nor do they need a socket in the ground, in order to secure the tree trunk.

Sitting directly on the ground & being assembled piece by piece, The Giant Outdoor Woodland Pine Trees have been placed on cobbles, carparks, in fields & one was even located in the middle of a roundabout in Christmas 2018.

The trees can be ordered either unlit, or pre-lit, which one client found to be a massive bonus. Having erected real trees for many years, the nightmare is always when we come to taking the tree down….. the lights are tangled in amongst the branches & you are forever having to cut away at the branches, in order to take the lights off. Using the pre-lit tree from Christmas Tree World, meant that each branch section was removed, the lights were unplugged & then they were folded up, ready for installing again, next year.

Owning an artificial tree, from Christmas Tree World means not having to run the gauntlet each year of whether or not the Christmas Tree is going to look impressive. It means that the tree can be put up at any time & you’re not having to wait for a crane delivery of a real tree. It means that you can decorate the tree at ground level, before the branches are put into place & if you opt for the pre-lit version, it also means that you are not wrestling with miles of string lights….

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