Apex Bird Control

Apex Bird Control is a specialist bird control business within the pest control industry. We operate across the south of the UK with clients that include architects, construction firms, local councils and facility managers meaning we are well placed to handle your bird control requirement.

Many property owners are unsure how to effectively target the dangers associated with birds and bird fouling. Managing director Mike Fenton says “our attitude toward bird control will always be proactive. The advice we give to clients is about preventing the spread of disease, damage to buildings, mitigating risk of injury and adverse effect on reputation in a cost effective solution.”
By preventing birds from occupying specific areas, property managers can ensure their buildings are protected from the problems they can cause and minimise the associated health risks.

Our close knit team consists of surveyors, installation contractors, office staff and an approachable director. Our team is knowledgable and highly skilled which gives our clients the confidence to know that every project will be approached with effectiveness, aesthetics and health and safety considered in equal measure.

For more information, visit our website or contact the team by telephone or email.

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