A Practical Response For Sustainable Heating

In light of the Government’s commitment to attaining Net-Zero by 2050, and with fourth and fifth carbon budgets currently off track, the pressure is on for public sector organisations to actively demonstrate what sustainability looks like across their built estates.

A hybrid approach to heating, optimising existing gas infrastructure which remains the most common choice for the provision of heating and domestic hot water (DHW) with renewables, such as heat pumps, is both practical and cost-effective.

Though quick and easy to install, simply opting for just heat pumps (which provide a lower grade of heat) will not always be the most practical alternative for public sector properties. For sites exhibiting a large DHW load - from leisure and education to healthcare – there remains a strong argument for employing gas fired water heating. And, just as electricity is becoming greener, so too can the gaseous fuels when blended with hydrogen and other synthetic fuels.

Talk to Adveco about the design, supply and servicing of hybrid heating. By combining the advantages of both fuels, discover the means for cost effectively meeting immediate demands for sustainability and gain the breathing space to appraise new technologies that will emerge and help achieve Net Zero by 2050.