Wormery will help to produce compost for pupils to use in their garden

£200m committed over the next four year to establish network of six centres

Payment rates will be highest in areas most at risk from flooding

Fund will help Britain's small and medium businesses

Carbon Trust Standard online tool certification helps small businesses to cut certify their carbon footprint reductions

Blaenau Gwent Council to fine people £100 for putting food in general rubbish

If recycling efforts were doubled, then up to £320m could be saved by 2015

Partnerships are invited to submit funds for a share of a £5m Start-Up Fund and will have access to an online Toolbox

50,000 homes across 24 London boroughs have been helped to make energy efficient home improvements

Alphagov will eventually include a range of government services such as car tax applications

Planning and design will need to take into account the impact of extreme weather on essential services

Young people can earn an NVQ and get paid for work in council departments