The government must take immediate action to improve public transport in rural areas, the Campaign for Better Transport has argued.

Belfast could lose one of its four parliamentary constituencies as part of an extensive redrawing of Northern Ireland's electoral map.

The Joseph Rowntree Foundation is campaigning for a ‘new deal’ to alleviate poverty in the UK by 2030.

A campaign to retrain both social workers for adults and children who have left the profession is being launched.

Doctors prescribing outdoor exercise to patients would see more people doing physical activity, councils claim.

Ofsted chief inspector Sir Michael Wilshaw has claimed that attempts to close and prosecute illegal faith schools are being hindered by councils concerned about upsetting community relations.

The Local Government Association (LGA) has said it is confident local authorities will be able to meet the government’s pledge to resettle 20,000 S

Children’s services operated by Sunderland Council have made significant progress, after Ofsted previously rated the services as inadequate.

Prime Minister Theresa May has raised concerns over the feasibility of utilising a points-based system for controlling immigration into the UK.

Financial auditors KPMG has criticised Northampton Council’s handling of a £10.25 million stadium redevelopment loan given to Northampton Town Football Club.

Caroline Lucas has been re-elected at the Green Party Leader in a job-share with Jonathan Bartley, after gaining 86 per cent of votes.

City councillors have given the green light for plans to double the size of Salford’s MediaCity UK.